Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Five Things India Must Do For Development & Security

Five Things India Must Do For Development and Security

There are numerous issues India faces currently, and some are due to its making derived from its long history of non action. However, if India wishes to see itself as a developed nation it must undertake the following reforms immediately.
1. India must enact a bill of code of conduct for elected representatives, at all levels. It recently passed a bill to curb the corruption among politicians by barring them from contesting in election, but had to withdraw it due to its own internal pressures. However, this is the most important legislative actions that needs to be taken by all political parties regardless of their political agendas and goals. Politicians and higher administration needs to be regulated if the corruption in India is to be eradicated.
2. India must seriously address its internal security threats from terrorists from both religious groups and political groups (such as Maoists and Naxalites). These terrorist organizations not only cause damage to life and material, but also lead to a blockage of educational, social and economic development in places where they have complete influence thus crippling the lives of common people.
3. Infrastructure, green energy: India does not need Nuclear Power plants, it only needs sustainable solar power grid. If the government can redirect the investment in power sector from nuclear power plants to developing solar power, and subsidizing private enterprise, the country would be fully self reliant in a couple of years, and its energy woes would be over. India is a tropical country with more than 280 days of optimal sun every year.
4. Immediate measures are to be taken to improve agriculture, and agro-industry. The largest resource of India is Agriculture and afro-industry such as Oils, and other food products form a major export sector of India. But the agricultural sector is the most unregulated and unorganized sector in India. Better infrastructure, such as roads, irrigation, and well maintained market yards with good storage facilities will improve and contribute to the overall well being of Indian economy.
5. Women of India are facing issues with their normal daily life, let alone succeeding in their careers. Basic issues such as sanitation, fertility health, and security. Incidents on women are on the rise constantly, which indicates that modernity brought change of life, but not positive attitudes or security for women. They can be attacked, maimed or raped for no reason. Better security arrangements, and health and sanitation facilities must be on top of the agenda for the government of India, for on the health and wellbeing of women depends the wellbeing of India.

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